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ShopPop shopify app

The Best Chat Marketing App For Shopify - ShopPop

ShopPop's all-in-one chat marketing platform for Shopify lets you grow, service, automate and directly engage your audience. Grow your customer base, recover lost sales, increase your revenue and send timely, smart, relevant alerts and notifications like abandoned cart reminders, back in stock notifications, new product DMs or sale alerts. Turn website visitors into conversions using conversation starters like pop ups, widgets and chat plugins. We love ShopPop's product so much we've teamed up to help our brands implement it into their e-commerce websites.
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What is ShopPop?

ShopPop is the all-in-one chat marketing platform for merchants. You can use it on any website or store, as long as you have a Facebook Business page. The chat marketing platform also offers a Shopify specific app that you can download from the app store to easily integrate your Shopify store. This allows you to automate abandoned cart reminders, back in stock notifications and sending receipts. ShopPop lets you start conversations on Messenger at scale, with WhatsApp and Instagram DM automation following as soon as Facebook makes this available.

Starting the Conversation
There are many ways to start conversations. You can install the Facebook Chat plugin on your store, or use ShopPop’s Chat Widget to offer multiple support channels, like Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and more. Pop-up Widgets on general or product-specific pages can turn website visitors into DM lists that you can hit up with notifications when a new collection goes live, prices drop, or for other sale alerts. You can add CTAs that start conversations to your Shopify store’s checkout pages to open a direct channel for support or offer discounts for future purchases.

Use newsfeed posts or direct links to Messenger conversations for organic growth, or set up Facebook and Instagram Click-to-Messenger or Sponsored Message ads for paid alternatives. You can even automatically respond in Messenger to anyone who comments on your Facebook posts. The chat marketing platform allows you to handle all incoming conversations in a centralized, easy-to-use Inbox. Gather customer data, service your audience or sell directly in chat. You can even export your audiences and use them for retargeting your ads or other future campaigns.
Integration & Set Up
ShopPop is incredibly easy to integrate with Shopify. You can also use Zapier to automatically sync data to any one of 2000+ applications, like your CRM or email marketing software. Most importantly, ShopPop’s chat marketing platform requires no prior coding knowledge and has been widely praised for its intuitive UI.

This all-in-one chat marketing platform is free to use up to 50 conversations, so you can get started right away. After that, you pay a modest $8 per month to reach up to 100 people, with prices scaling as you start more conversations and your business grows.

Taking control of your customer journey
Using ShopPop prevents you from losing valuable customer data and helps end siloed messaging. Stop using one tool for live chat, another for your cart recovery and back in stock notifications and several email and SMS marketing tools. Run all of those features on one platform instead and stop losing valuable customer data. Facilitate your customers with relevant, timely messaging on the chat apps they already use, and enjoy open rates averaging around 94%.

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Features Of ShopPop For Shopify

ShopPop is the all-in-one chat marketing platform for merchants and integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store. Get in touch today and we can help you integrate the platform with your Shopify website!
Convert Visits Into Conversations And Sales
Create interactive conversational experiences that engage and convert, such as conversational forms, surveys or shopping journeys. Acquire leads on autopilot and turn conversations into conversions. Use conversation starters like pop ups, ads, widgets and chat plugins. Set up Messenger live chat (including guest login - no Messenger account required) or a Chat Widget for multichannel support. Drive traffic from Instagram and Facebook ads into chat, and use pop ups or post-purchase widgets to reach customers with the right message at the right time.
All Your Conversations In One Inbox
Manage all incoming conversations and answer all questions in one place. Use ShopPop’s Inbox for both live chat support and to filter out messages from chat marketing campaigns. Reduce your customer handling time by automating responses and FAQs. Use segments and custom fields to search for specific groups of your audience.
Customizable Opt-in Tools
Let people opt in to product drop or new collection DMs, abandoned cart reminders, back in stock notifications and sale alerts. Customizable, branded pop ups make sure you stay in control of your customer journey and customer experience. From encountering your brand on the Facebook newsfeed or in Instagram stories, all the way to the Shopify post-purchase checkout page: let people start conversations with your business at every touchpoint.
Pre-Built Templates To Get Started
No need to reinvent the wheel. ShopPop’s extensive template gallery can help you get started right away. Use these templates and let people opt in to smart, timely and urgent notifications, such as new collection updates. Unlike email, these notifications are one-time only: a purely permission-based form of marketing with open rates averaging at 94%. There are templates for gathering photo reviews, running quizzes, handing out coupons, and things like general store introductions.
Automated Cart Recovery And Back In Stock Notifications
ShopPop works out of the box: with the flick of switch, you can turn on cart recovery to get back 14% of lost sales. ShopPop then automatically sends receipts when people finish their purchase. Or turn on back in stock notifications that can drive over 50% of customers back to your website and triple your sales. Let automation do the heavy lifting for you and keep track of advanced analytics in your dashboard.
Grow Your Audience For Retargeting
All of this contributes to you building an audience of highly engaged customers on autopilot. Manage your audience using smart filters and sync leads with your CRM. Access all your audience data from an easy-to-use dashboard. You can collect any type of data from people who interact with your Messenger channel and use Zapier to sync it with your other apps. You’re also collecting unique PSID numbers when people engage with you on Messenger, which you can use for retargeting campaigns on the Facebook platform.
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